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Deregulated Building Permit Process - Privatised System

In 1994 the Victorian State Government initiated major changes to the Building Permit process by deregulating who could issue building permits. Registered Private Building Surveyors may now issue building permits, along with local Councils. This essentially means that the building surveyor who issues the building permit becomes solely responsible for carrying out all of the functions associated with the project such as building inspections, issuing of the occupancy permit and enforcement of standards.

As a result of these changes, Builders, Draftspersons, Architects, Developers and Owners can approach either a local Council or a Private Building Surveyor for a building permit or advice. Under this legislation, it is the obligation of the private building surveyor to lodge with the relevant local Council, copies of the building permit and all other documents associated with the approval.

All building permits issued prior to 1 July 1994 are the responsibility of the relevant Council. Building Permits issued after that date may have been issued by a private building surveyor, the relevant local Council or in fact, a Council from another municipality. 

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